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How our system works

From hiring bikes to returning them

You've done a lot of shopping and need to get it all home? Or do you want to cycle to work? Or are you planning a daytrip? StadtRAD Hamburg is the flexible, fast and inexpensive way to get from A to B. Our bright red bikes can be found almost all over the city, and they'll get you where you want to go. Using our app, it only takes a moment to select and hire a bike.

Hire a bike and get going

Regardless of whether it is an electric cargo bike or a classic city bike, you only have to follow the following steps to rent the bike:

Do you have a customer card or keyring fob? Then tap the display and hold your card/fob to it. You can then unlock the bike in the 2 steps described above. 

QR Code

Select a bike, type its number into the app, then tap the display

red button

Press the red button to open the bike's integrated lock

rod-shaped bolt

Remove the rod-shaped bolt connected to the parking post

Two women on the break

The right way to take a break

You can take a break at any time during your trip. Just make sure you lock your bike when doing so.

Taking breaks:

  1. Press the lock's red button

  2. Push the integrated lock down to close it

  3. Use the display options to confirm you are taking a break

Unlocking your bike again:

  1. Tap the display

  2. Type in the unlocking code (you can find it your app: just check "Contract")

A word of advice: don't take a break near a hire/return station. We recommend being least 50 metres from one of the terminals, otherwise your bike might accidentally register itself as returned.


When you've finished with your bike, you can return it to any station you want. If you hire an electric cargo bike, you need to bring it back to its home station.

What happens if all the posts are taken? Just leave your StadtRAD bike at the station. Electric cargo bikes are different: You have to connect them to a charging post so the battery can recharge.

red lock button

Press the red lock button

bike's integrated lock down

Push the bike's integrated lock down to close it

rod-shaped bolt

Insert the rod-shaped bolt attached to the parking post

Register now, get on, bike off