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StadtRAD Hamburg

Hire and return



Hiring via terminal

Every StadtRAD Hamburg hire station has a central user terminal:

  1. Simply touch the screen to activate it
  2. Identify yourself with your customer card.
  3. Choose the number of bikes you want to hire, using the displayed bike numbers.
  4. Touch the display of the bike lock. The lock opens, pull out the locking bar and off you go.


Hiring by phone

If you don't have a customer card, you can also hire a StadtRAD by phone. Call the phone number encircled in red on the cover of the lock to hire the bike quickly and easily.


Cycling break

If you want to park your StadtRAD while using it, please secure it with the bike lock. Use your personal opening code to unlock the bicycle. The code appears briefly on the lock display when you lock the bike. You can also find it under your personal data on the customer portal and change it online at any time.



  1. Lock the bike at a vacant parking space.
  2. Press the locking button on the right of the bike lock. The lock identifies the parking space and the return procedure is complete.


Hire station full

If all the parking spaces at a hire station are occupied, simply park the bike at the hire station, secure it with the bicycle bolt and press the locking button on the right of the bike lock.

Please note: If the bike is parked next to a hire station - despite free parking spaces - a service fee must be charged according to our price list.