System update 

The new StadtRAD Hamburg app and website were launched on 17 March. If you want to hire one of our red bikes as normal, just update the app and log in. 
The system update won't take long to complete. If you need help, we're here with information and answers.


During the update, our system will automatically log you out of the app and website. To hire a bike as normal or check your invoices, you have to log back in again first. You can do this either via the website or the app. 

System update via the StadtRAD app

Follow these steps:

1. Open the app and start the update process.
2. Log in and confirm your details. 
3. You're done! Now you can hire a bike again.

System update via the website

Instead of using the app, you can log in via the website after the update. You have to confirm your personal details again before you can access our customer area. 
Once you're in the customer area, you can use the familiar functions like checking invoices, managing bike hire credit and seeing your reservations.
You can use the app to hire bikes as in the past, but you have to update it first. Once you've done that, use your e-mail address to log in. Then you're good to go.


You normally use a keyring fob to hire bikes, so how does the update change things? What happens if you want use Call a Bike in another town or city? Just take a look at our help section for the answers to these questions and many others.