Sturdy and easy-to-use

Due to the sturdy construction, the easy way of handling and the comfortable design our bikes offer a fun experience at the highest level. We care about the repairing and maintenance so that you can just jump on and arrive safely at your destination.  


Comfortable and easy to adjust

StadtRAD bikes are real all-rounders. Whether you are small or tall, you can adjust the saddle quickly and easily to suit your height (of between 150 and 200 cm). The markings on the seat tube help you select the position that's right for you. Simply open the adjustment clamp, reposition the saddle and then press the clamp closed again.

Gears & luggage

7 gears

All bikes have a 7-speed gear system, which makes cycling really easy even when you're going uphill. The curved carrier is designed for loads of max. 15 kg, and the two straps keep your briefcase or rucksack securely in place as you make your way from A to B.

Service and maintenance

Well protected

Our StadtRAD bikes are maintained regularly so that you can fully concentrate on your ride and arrive safely at your destination. The high-quality design and the details for a good ride comfort allow you to move reliably through the traffic. Did you notice a damage before riding the bike? Send us a message via the app and we will take care of it! 

More useful information

Our apps are designed for iOS and Android: all mobile devices and always free.

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