From a high-speed train to two wheels

Mobility doesn't stop at the station. Once you finish a train journey, our bikes are a great way to continue travelling in a town or city, making sure you get home or to your meeting safely and conveniently.

For clever connections

Fast and nimble, our StadtRAD bikes get you to where you want to go once you disembark from a train. They are available across Germany (Call a Bike), from stands at scores of ICE stations and major public transport hubs.

You'll never have to wait for a connection again when you can just find a bike at the station and get going. We have extra-special prices for BahnCard holders.

The benefits for you

  • Available at over 30 ICE stations
  • Ideal addition to train users
  • Discounts for BahnCard holders


Use the drop-down to check where and how you can use Call a Bike after your next train trip.

Our apps are designed for iOS and Android: all mobile devices and always free.

Sturdy, easy-to-use and excellent design, our bikes are second to none.

Do you have any questions about hiring and using our StadtRAD bikes? Simply get in touch with us.