Sturdy and comfy

Their sturdy build, ease of use and comfortable features make our StadtRAD bikes an enjoyable ride and perfect for everyday use.

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A real All-Rounder

Year in, year out, our great StadtRAD bikes have been there for you no matter how the weather was. And no matter what you have planned: Your weekly shopping excursion, daily commute to and from work, or a day outdoors in the fresh air.

Classic bike

Comfort comes first

Our bike fleet looks even better than ever since its makeover in February 2019. Two things have remained unchanged: the bikes' signature red livery and their outstanding levels of comfort.

Perfect for everyone, small or tall

It only takes a moment to adjust the saddle position so it suits your height (between 150 and 200 cm). The markings on the column underneath help you select the position that's right for you.

7-speed Shimano Nexus

No hill is too hard

It's no secret that Hamburg is pretty flat, but it does have one or two inclines to deal with. Or you might be moving a heavy load. If the going gets tough, your bike's 7-speed Shimano Nexus gears will help you make light work of things.

 handy straps

Room for everything

Thanks to the handy straps on the curved carrier, you can easily transport up to 15 kg of luggage. Carry-on cases, shopping bags, sports kit, etc. – your items are securely positioned for the entire journey.

26-inch wheels

More comfort, more enjoyment

Usability is everything: the step-through frame design, enclosed chain and 26-inch wheels make our bikes an absolute pleasure to cycle.

Cargo bikes with electric motors

You want to pick the kids up from school or get your weekly shopping back to your house? Our electric cargo bikes are designed for larger loads and have an inbuilt electric motor to give you extra power when you need it. We added them to our fleet in April 2019.

Cargo bikes with electric motor

Ready and waiting

If you know where and when you'll need a cargo bike, all you have to do is reserve it via the StadtRAD Hamburg app. This is free of charge – just make sure you book your bike at least 60 minutes before you want to start your journey. You can cancel a reservation as well. If you don't use your reserved bike but fail to cancel the booking, we charge you a fee of EUR 3.

Cargo bikes with electric motor

From 0 to 22 km/h

All of our electric cargo bikes have a mid-mounted motor that responds automatically to how hard you're pedalling. Top speed is an enjoyable 22 km/h.


Space for up to 60 kg of stuff

Combined, the front (max. 45 kg) and back (max. 15 kg) carriers offer plenty of room for shopping, equipment and even kids. Just make sure you find out beforehand if certain loads require certain precautions.

Lastenrad tarp

Stay dry when Hamburg's wet

A roll-up cover protects your items from the rain. NB: Make sure nothing extends further than the sides of the front carrier.

Super-safe from start to finish

Before you begin your ride, it's a good idea to test-drive the electric cargo bike without a load. This way, you will get a feel for how it handles on bends and when braking. We also recommend taking a look at the operating instructions to see what you should take into consideration when transporting something. To start with, we have a few tips if you want to put children in the front carrier.

  • Up to two children aged 2 - 7 can travel in the carrier, provided their combined weight does not exceed 45 kg and neither of them exceeds 59 cm in height when seated. NB: Don't forget to use the adjustable safety belts in the front carrier.

  • Helmets aren't obligatory, but we really recommend them.

  • You can check your app or the handlebar display to see how much power is left in the motor's battery.

Home Stations

Electric cargo bikes have a home station - they must be returned there after use.

An answer to every question

How does the reservation process work? Which stations have cargo bikes? Which home station is the right one? Our help section contains handy, concise answers to these and other question.