New additions to our fleet: electric cargo bikes

Finally arrived - cargo bikes with electric motors made their debut in Hamburg. They are not just great for getting from A to B, but they are also ideal for transporting big shopping bags – and even small children. These bikes have one difference to other StadtRAD bicycles: you have to return them to a specific station when you finish with them. These special bases are located in the districts of Hamburg-Mitte, Hamburg-Nord, Altona, Eimsbüttel and Wandsbek. The exact addresses are provided below.

Reservations are free

A reservation will make sure that your cargo bike is available when you need it. You can make a reservation as little as 60 minutes in advance, and it costs nothing. Information about fees is located below, but you can be sure of one thing: the first 30 minutes of each journey with these bikes is free of charge as well.

You want to get your weekend shopping home? No problem at all.

Every electric cargo bike has a mid-mounted engine that automatically gives you assistance depending on how hard you are pedalling. It lets you transport 60 kg in total – 15 kg as normal in the carrier, and another 45 kg in the front container. Want a party-sized crate of drinks? There's plenty of room. Breakfast or three-course dinner? You can have it all. A roll-up cover protects your items from the rain. Just make sure that nothing juts out.

PS: You can check the handlebar display and app to see how much charge is left in the battery.

Want to go on an outing with the family? Now's the perfect time.

The front container can carry up to two children aged 2-7 provided their combined weight is not over 45 kg and they are not more than 59 cm high when seated (measured from floor base of the container). Simply check these measurements at home before you go for your first trip. Use the adjustable safety belt to protect the children, and we recommend helmets as well.

Our tip: Read the
user manual before your first trip and go for a trial run without a load. This will let you find out how the bike handles on bends and during braking.  

How it works

Reserving a bike

You can use the app to reserve an electric cargo bike free of charge as little as 60 minutes before you need it. Find a station with a yellow cargo bike symbol, select your bike and click "Reserve". When you get to the station, select the bike again and tap "Hire now". Reservations are free, so you can cancel them without having to pay anything. However, if you simply don't show up to use a bike that you reserved, you will be charged EUR 3.

Hiring a bike

Hiring an electro cargo bike is just like hiring a normal StadtRAD bike. Select the one you want in the app and tap the display. Then press the red button on the lock and remove the parking post bolt. Now, push the bike forward and use one foot to fold the kickstand upwards... and you're off. You can also use your fob or a phone call to hire a bike. 

It's a good idea to have a look at the user manual before your first trip.


Need to pop into a shop? Just use the pause function.

You can take a break when using an electric cargo bike as well. Immobilise the bike with the lock and select "Yes" as your answer to the question about a pause. You can find your personal opening code in the app. Now, you can go shopping with peace of mind – and you'll certainly have plenty of space for all your purchases.

Returning a bike

Returning a bike

You must return the electric cargo bike to the same station where you hired it. Make sure to lock it to an electric charging point so that the battery is fully charged for the next user. The charging posts are blue and located closest to the terminal. Simply bring the bike to a blue post, press the red button on the bike lock, press the bolt down, and then insert the cable on the parking post. Finished!
If the e-cargo bike post is occupied, please contact the customer service: 0049 (0)40 / 82218810 - 0.

What it costs

HVV / BahnCard-Tariff
1st-30th minute
Free of charge
Free of charge
From 31st minute (per min.)
EUR 0,10
EUR 0,08
Daily rate (24 hours)
EUR 24
EUR 24

Please note: if you return your electric cargo bike to a different station to where you hired it, you will be charged a service fee of EUR 50. It's better to hire a bike for an entire day (EUR 24) and bring it back "home" again. It is not possible to use the day pass to hire an electric cargo bike – the passes are only for normal StadtRAD bikes.


  • Hamburg-Mitte: Lange Reihe / Lohmühlenpark
    bike number: 39708 
  • Hamburg Mitte: U Überseequartier / Gradbrookpark 
    bike number: 39719
  • Hamburg-Mitte: Großneumarkt / Thielbek 
    bike number: 39705
  • Hamburg-Mitte: U Feldstraße / Marktstraße 
    bike number: 39715
  • Hamburg-Mitte: Veringstraße / Mannesallee 
    bike number: 39718
  • Altona: S Königstraße / Struenseestraße 
    bike number: 39701
  • Altona: Bhf Altona / Busbahnhof 
    bike number: 39712
  • Altona: Bleickenallee / Fischers Allee 
    bike number: 39702
  • Altona: Hohenzollernring / Friedensallee 
    bike number: 39716
  • Eimsbüttel: Lappenbergsallee / Bei der Apostelkirche 
    bike number: 39709
  • Eimsbüttel: U Osterstraße / Heußweg 
    bike number: 39720
  • Eimsbüttel: Eppendorfer Weg / Hoheluftchaussee 
    bike number: 39717
  • Eimsbüttel: U Hoheluftbrücke / Kaiser-Friedrich-Ufer 
    bike number: 39714
  • Eimsbüttel: U Christuskirche / Fruchtallee 
    bike number: 39706
  • Hamburg-Nord: Goldbekplatz / Semperstraße 
    bike number: 39713
  • Hamburg-Nord: Fuhlsbüttler Straße / Hartzloh 
    bike number: 39721
  • Hamburg-Nord: S+U Barmbek / Piazzetta-Ralph-Giordano 
    bike number: 39700
  • Hamburg-Nord: U Mundsberg / Schürbeker Straße 
    bike number: 39704
  • Hamburg-Nord: Lortzingstraße / Friedrichsberger Straße 
    bike number: 39711
  • Wandsbek: U Ritterstraße / Wandsbeker Chaussee 
    bike number: 39707

You can see on the back of the front container and on the normal carrier where the e-cargobike belongs. Please return it to this station, even if you rented it somewhere else!