Our StadtRAD bikes keep Hamburg moving, even in the wind and rain that the city is (in-)famous for. This tenacity has paid off: StadtRAD Hamburg is now one of Germany's most successful bikesharing systems.

Over 3 million rides every year

Over 2,500 bikes in the system

Station-based hiring system

Full power for complete success

As a dependable transport provider for Hamburg, the StadtRAD team works hard so that the city's residents can count on our modern, flexible and emissions-free mobility solution when they need it. 
Some of our staff are based in Hamburg so they can deliver expert care for our StadtRAD fleet. Our maintenance crew check, fix and fine-tune our bikes so they are always in excellent condition. 
The rest of the team is based at different locations around the country - Frankfurt, Berlin and Halle – but they visit Hamburg as often as possible. 


Did you know that StadtRAD Hamburg is part of the Call a Bike family? And did you know that Call a Bike is the bikesharing system established by national rail operator Deutsche Bahn?.
Call a Bike gives its users convenient access to over 16,000 bikes across Germany. The system is designed to meet the needs not just of individuals, but also of municipalities and local authorities. Every town and city has its own unique character, so Call a Bike varies slightly in different locations. This way, it is always a tailored solution, just like in Hamburg. 

This is green.

Learn more about Call a Bike, the bikesharing system from Deutsche Bahn. 

Smart integration for mobility solutions in towns, cities and other municipalities

Do you think a bikesharing system like Hamburg's would be a good match for your locality? Have a look at our offering for municipalities of different sizes and get in touch with us.